1. How does Sparknext work?

At Sparknext, we work with Founders and EIRs (Entrepreneurs in Residence) to build and launch new products & services, spinning them of as successful independent companies.

2. What all does Sparknext add value?

Sparknext provides founders with unfair advantages to launch & grow. These are just not techniques & process with respect to design, technology and marketing but go beyond that. Sparknext provides founders with actual resources, a network of early adopters and advisors, funding and wisdom.

3. How is Sparknext different from other accelerators & incubators?

Unlike other accelerators and incubators, the sparknext team works together with founders to build the product. Also most of the ideas are inhouse ideas originated by the Sparknext team unlike other traditional models.

4. Tell me more about Sparknext?

Sparknext is a hybrid startup accelerator founded by Ahmed Aftab Naqvi. A place where we dream up cool web & mobile products while also helping founders launch new products and startups.

5. I have an idea, can I apply?

Though most of our ideas our home-grown, we encourage founders to apply with their own ideas as well to find the best possible alignment with existing Sparknext ideas. At times, we would be open to the possibility of investing in the founders idea.

6. I do not have an idea, can I still apply?

Yes. Most of our EIR's get aligned to existing sparknext products & ideas.